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Twelve Facts You Need to Know about Jumbo Mortgage Rates 1. During the housing and credit crisis of 2007 and 2008, the jumbo loan almost went away, not only because they were too risky for creditors, but because the interest rates and credit standards were too high for most people to meet.

** APR based on $165,000 Conventional loan assuming the highest credit rating. Your actual rate may vary depending on your specific terms. The maximum loan amount for a conforming mortgage for a primary residence single unit home is $484,350. Mortgages above that amount are considered jumbo mortgages.

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Today’s jumbo mortgage rates are at their lowest since 2005. You may be wondering if the loan you have in mind is considered a jumbo loan, and how you can qualify. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or looking into additional investment property, you need to know: "What is a Jumbo Loan?" "What is a Jumbo Loan?"

 · They specialize in reverse mortgages, and therefore provide expert, professional consulting on the ins and outs of this type of mortgage loan. Their jumbo reverse mortgage offers loan proceeds of up to $2.25 million, has no required insurance premium, and is much more flexible than a traditional Home Equity Conversion Loan.

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