Covenants are most often used by planned developments such as gated communities, condominiums, and housing cooperatives to ensure a certain level of order and uniformity. The standards enforced through covenants often help the homes in the neighborhood retain their value because they tend to look much nicer and better maintained.

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Definition of protective covenant in the Financial Dictionary – by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is protective covenant? Meaning of protective covenant as a finance term.. trying to enforce protective covenants or trying to protect companies hiring people.

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Restrictive covenants date back to 18th- and 19th-century England. During the Industrial Revolution, private landowners used covenants to come to agreements about the use of land. A particular property’s deed might contain a covenant preventing a factory from operating, for example, to protect surrounding farmers [source: McKenzie]. In the.

of protection. 3 drafting restrictive covenants 3.1 What is a restrictive covenant? A restrictive covenant is a contractual clause restricting the post-employment activities of the worker for a limited period after the employment relationship ends in order to protect the employer’s legitimate business interests.

Guide to Business Protection and Restrictive Covenants This note provides a short guide to the steps an employer can take to protect itself from competition from ex-employees restrictive covenants? Employees, particularly senior ones, often have access to many types of confidential information.

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