Thousands of Florida mortgages could be at risk because of insurance abuse

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Americans still do not fully understand the risks they are subject to.5 After. bills in cash, but refused renewals because of a lack of credit history.. insurance company will count an inquiry over the phone as the. claims.11 State Farm went so far as to engage in fraud to deny claims.. You paid off your mortgage years ago.

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The 700 Club - August 2, 2019 Wells Fargo & Co. could face fines of several hundred million dollars. protection bureau for the bank's mortgage lending and auto insurance abuses.. Wells Fargo & Co. hundreds of millions of dollars for its mortgage-lending. Fargo remains at risk for regulatory action because of its reported abuses.

The decision could have a significant impact on the Florida insurance. language because they can’t get approval of an assignment from all named insureds – especially a bank,” he said. “In essence,

An Ohio insurance-rating company has warned that recent court rulings and skyrocketing losses from water-damage claims have created an "uncertain operating environment" for Florida’s property insurers and that it will downgrade the financial stability of 10 to 15 Florida-based companies, potentially threatening the solvency of thousands of homeowners more

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