Taxpayers are still bailing out Wall Street, eight years later

A Year Later, Rep. Pence Still Lying About Imaginary "Permanent Bailout Authority" In Wall street reform bill january 12, 2011 2:57 pm ET Last January, Republican message maven Frank Luntz released a memo advising the GOP that "the single best way to kill any legislation is to link it to the Big Bank Bailout."

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Taxpayers are still having to pay to bail out the big banks on wall street 8 years after they started bailing them out. That is outrageous and should be stopped immediately. I do not usually comment very much on this blog but after reading this I was outraged.

Explaining the Government Mortgage Bailout "Secretary Paulson’s plan calls for spending a trillion dollars of taxpayer funds to bailout out his former colleagues on Wall Street, but does not devote a single penny to rescue American homeowners who were victimized by the predatory lending of these same institutions," said Maude Hurd, president of ACORN.

Taxpayers are still bailing out Wall Street, eight years later By Renae Merle / The washington post monday, November 7th, 2016 at 1:19pm

 · The Bush administration has cobbled together a $700 billion taxpayer-financed plan to bail out Wall Street firms and, it is hoped, avoid a larger economic disaster. Unfortunately, While Wall Street executives have already pocketed large profits from the reckless business decisions that made the bailout necessary in the first place.

Renae Merle, The Washington Post / November 7, 2016 Eight-years after taxpayers rescued the U.S. financial system, some of the countrys largest banks, including JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo, continue to receive billions in bailout money, according to government data. Wells Fargo is eligible for.

The S&L Bailout: $32 billion every year for 30 years The savings and loan industry began over a century ago for the sole purpose of providing home mortgages. Until the 1 930s, S&Ls (sometimes called thrifts-which is pretty ironic, considering their recent history) got along quite nicely more or less on their own.

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Wells Fargo is eligible for up to $1.5 billion in bailout funds over the next seven years. JPMorgan and Bank of America could receive $1.1 billion and $964 million respectively. Source: Taxpayers are still bailing out Wall Street, eight years later