Pent Up Demand means Bargains

Reduced demand could result in vacation bargains in 2017.. That should result in pent-up demand for travel in 2017.". this may mean more competitive pricing on vacation experiences deemed.

Definition of PENT-UP-DEMAND: A common term that is used to define a certain portion of the consumer behavior in a certain market. Commonly used by economists to determine the cyclical The Law Dictionary Featuring Black’s law dictionary free online Legal Dictionary 2nd Ed.

The 2017 travel forecast: Reduced demand could result in vacation bargains. 05 Thursday Jan 2017.. Many Americans will choose to not go on a vacation in 2017, which means more deals for the savvy traveler.. "I’m expecting prices to go up as I plan the few trips I have in 2017.

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Definition of purchase – Acquire (something) by paying for it; buy., Haul up (a rope, cable, or anchor) by means of a pulley or lever.

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There was a lot of pent-up demand for new cars when the economy improved and people were buying cars again. Haba mucha demanda contenida, de modo que cuando la economa comenz a mejorar, la gente comenz a comprar automviles de nuevo.

Under a housing-public transit grand bargain, expect a Long Island City-like transition period of intense residential development along the walk to your subway stop, as housing supply catches up to demand, followed by a ripple effect of more affordable market-rate rents throughout the city.

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Use the adjective pent-up when you’re talking about repressed emotions or stifled feelings or impulses. You and your friend might attempt to remain solemn through a pompous speaker’s terrible lecture, only to burst out with pent-up laughter as soon as the talk is over. Many people keep negative feelings (like sadness, anger,

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