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Solutions to Buying a Home with Bad Credit If you’re determined to live the dream now and buy a house no matter what, then there are steps to take on your path to the ultimate debt. When your FICO credit score (the score lenders evaluate when deciding to loan you money) is below what’s acceptable to conventional lenders, one popular option is.

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Noel Christopher is the SVP of Corporate Development for Renters Warehouse, America’s Leading Real Estate Investments Services Company. along with working on improving your credit score, can help.

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I have a friend who has bad credit and banks lend him for investment realestate anyway. He makes 30K a mo. on rental property. My score is 609. What are my chances? Could I apply in my corporate name instead? Would that help to use the EIN? Another option might be buying the investment property with no money down.

In conclusion, Empire Merchant Group LLC, is your one stop shop to fulfill are your working capital needs through our bad credit small business loans where no collateral nor perfect credit score is required, limited documentation is requested and nearly every industry is accepted.

Buying a Home With Bad Credit Home ownership is a dream for many Americans, but poor credit can often thwart that dream. Sometimes you want to buy a home, but you have a bankruptcy in your past or you have a previous foreclosure or your credit is littered with late payments and collections.

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Home Buying with Bad Credit Unlike most traditional mortgage companies today, we offer multiple loan offers for home buying with bad credit. If you need help to financing a house with poor credit, complete this simple form below and our lenders will follow up to discuss your home financing needs.

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