Foreign Buyers Spent $8.7B in South Florida Housing Purchases

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Selling Real Estate Abroad Example: John Expat. To assist in the explanation of the calculation of gains associated with selling your foreign primary residence, let’s discuss the sale of John Expat’s foreign residence. John moved to China in 2005, where he immediately began searching for a home to purchase.

Foreign buyers are buying less U.S. real estate-and that has ramifications for some of the nation’s priciest housing markets. international purchasers spent only about half of what they did on U.

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Buyers from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan made up 43 percent of international purchases in California this year, followed by 8 percent each from Mexico and South Korea. of U.S. sales to.

2017-07-18  · During the U.S. housing collapse between 2009-11, Canadians, particularly those from oil-rich western provinces, took advantage of depressed prices and easy access to the U.S. by snapping up cheap vacation homes in warm places like Arizona, Nevada and Florida. They were the largest contingent of foreign buyers in the U.S. every year from 2010-12.

 · The Chinese purchase more U.S. residential real estate than buyers from any other foreign country, but Trump’s trade war may change that.

“South Florida has always been a favorite destination for international visitors and political figures, whether it is for vacation or to purchase property along its sandy and sunny beaches.

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“[Foreign buyers] are still investing at a substantial rate, but they are beginning to explore new submarkets and secondary metro areas in a search for yield,” Paul said.