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 · For many decades, Christians were rather politically apathetic. They regarded politics as something evil and responded to violence by heeding the biblical injunction to "turn the other cheek." But in the last decade the attitude of Christians has changed. They have become active in politics, no longer allowing Muslims to dominate the political stage.

Let us imagine, as people often do, that Jesus returns for a visit. Knowing Jesus as we do, we may envision him spending some time at a local bar. Given the wide variety of folks he liked to talk with, sooner or later some young ruffian might approach him with a surly look and ask, "You hittin’ on.

By all means we should call attention to **** like this and let everyone know that this is not right, and we will not condone this type of behavior. Humiliation, sleep deprivation, lies and.

The teen daughter of billionaire "Queen of Versailles" couple David and Jackie Siegel battled with an addiction to pills and returned home from rehab just weeks before her death, a family.

7 Ways to Finance Your Parents’ Elder Care as They Get Older Whether we can afford Medicare as the U.S. population ages?. add in deductibles and co-pays and the elderly's burden goes up to 42 percent.. rise because more older adults are remaining on the job and paying more. A better way to gauge financial burden is to estimate taxpayers'.. client services.

Addiction has a traumatic effect on everyone in the family, even those family members who are not living in the same house with the person struggling with the addiction. Just being able to “vent” with other people who can relate to your situation will provide a great deal of relief for you.

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 · Home » Blog Central » The Daily Truth » On death and lying low On death and lying low. JFK and Princess Diana, he was relevant to his era. For reasons that might too easily be dismissed as media manipulation and stage persona, Steve had it all and we didn’t mind too much.. I by no means condone or forgive Martin Bryant but I do not.

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