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With that said, they aren’t the easiest bunch to please. Most millennial renters are looking for a specific set of features in their rental property. 1. Central Location Most millennial renters want to be as close as possible to many things, which is why they prefer urban, apartment-style living.

I apply Glossier Cloud Paint followed by Boy Brow, and before I leave the apartment, I slip on a pair of Allbirds. And yet I am still these companies’ target customer: a city-dwelling millennial.

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“The last time I was excited about a car was high school,” the 26-year-old event co-ordinator said by phone from her apartment in downtown Toronto. now commonly referred to as Generation Y or the.

“A lot of the inquiries are from younger, millennial-style purchasers who. It’s a great way of getting your apartment attention.” shaoul said accepting additional cryptocurrencies is part of his.

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and Dionne said the Arcade actively focuses its marketing on the living space that lies beyond the apartment walls. The first floor of the Arcade includes retail space, with coffee shops and.

Nonetheless, the survey found nearly half of millennials rent, making it the most common living situation. 100 per cent of New Zealand millennial homeowners surveyed either live with their spouse,

“A lot of rental properties have been positioned to appeal to the young millennial and they get a bunch of empty nesters who say, We’re not done living. apartment buildings. And of course,

The Dichotomy of Millennial Housing Millennials are driving demand of shared co-living spaces on one end of the spectrum and high-end apartment living on the other.

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Who comprises the millennial generation? And what are their passions, preferences or needs when it comes down to integrating the latest in technology with their living spaces? First, consider these facts about the fast-growing millennial generation: * Mobile technology is their platform of choice.

As boomers age out of its prime 35-to-64-year-old demographic, QVC is banking on style-conscious, shopping-obsessed women. blush throw pillows (a shade tantalizingly close to “millennial pink”),

Millennials and Boomers Are Changing the real estate market Despite moving into different life stages, the two generations converge on similar homes in defiance of generational stereotypes.